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In the clinic Phiona is currently offering Shamanic counseling & training consults or Seichim Reiki sessions only. We are not able to accept new patients for Chinese medical health consults at this time. Please goto the Shamanic Counseling or Reiki pages from the drop down menu under “New Patients” to book these sessions or follow one of the links below. 

Bio HerboloQi products contain natural biochemical actives combined with Chinese herbal medicine and nutrient rich body care bases. We produce targeted, effective topicals and edibles that star Chinese herbs extracted with alchemical organic chemistry. We aim to help you get better health results. We use organic and pesticide free ingredients where available.

The world is what you think it is

A Shamanic, Integrative, Holistic Approach to Life and Health

Phiona’s approach to medicine and shamanic counseling is about treating people, not diseases or problems, because you are person, and your inner dialogue and life experiences are a part of that. Two individuals may experience similar patterns in life, symptoms or health issues, but due to their different beliefs, lifestyles, genetics, experiences, past traumas and goals, they will need different treatments.

Together we will curate practices and a relationship with life and self that works for you and complements your life.

These Shamanic Counseling sessions may include elements from Hawaiian Huna, inner dialogue recreation, shamanic journey, medical Qi Gong meditation, lucid and non-lucid dream work, neuroplasticity, energy healing and astrology. Phiona has 20 years of experience in this field which began in 1998 with a genuine apprenticeship with a Native American Shaman Elder.

Dr Phiona Gitsham’s background and current offerings

Phiona is a Dr of Chinese medicine with a background in Shamanic healing. At this time she is not offering Chinese medicine, acupuncture or nutritional genomics consults, but this has been her work for the past 13 years. While she is currently focussing on Bio HerboloQi, her new line of Chinese herbal products for practitioners, she has re-opened the online clinic only for Shamanic Counseling and Distant Seichim Reiki. If you have health issues and are seeing Phiona for Shamanic Counseling or Seichim Reiki, she can help to refer you to a Chinese medicine practitioner in your area. In the future she may offer Acupuncture, Chinese medicine & Nutritional genomics again but is too busy and happy at this time with Bio HerboloQi!

In 1998 Phiona began a shamanic apprenticeship with a Native American elder from the Delaware and Cherokee tribes. He had been brought up as the medicine man for his people, and he had also spent time with an elder teacher from Hawaii, where he learnt to incorporate Hawaiian Huna. The two shamans did a knowledge swap with each other and Phiona was taught over years of a genuine apprenticeship several healing and journey techniques. When the apprenticeship began, she was unwell with autoimmune issues and some trauma from life. The journey begins with healing oneself, and reconnecting with nature. From there, ones gifts come forth to be shared.

Phiona excels at “connecting the dots” for her patients, allowing them to understand how their issues began and developed to the current state. Resolving mental, emotional or health issues requires reverse engineering and understanding how to recreate your inner dialogue and timeline.

Distant Seichim reiki

Distant Seichim Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is a combination of ancient Egyptian “Seichim” hands on healing and Reiki which was a similar practice of hands on healing rediscovered in Japan hundreds of years later. Seichim Reiki can be done in person or via Distance healing methods.

At this time Phiona is offering Distant healing sessions which can help you with stress, pain, recovery from difficult times, integration of emotional and mental stress events, and cultivating a more stable and luminous energy field. This type of energy healing is very suitable to combine with Shamanic counseling, Acupuncture & Chinese medicine.

With 20 years of experience in Seichim Reiki, Phiona often sees what is going on with you during the session and has some discussion to offer you afterwards. For this reason, these distant sessions are offered as 60 or 90 minutes with the last 30minutes being a Skype consult. The discussion will incorporate elements of the Shamanic counseling consults to help you integrate the energy healing session you have just received and to take empowered steps forward into a new experience for yourself.

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING HEALTH ISSUES, we’ll help you resolve them & Refer you to a practitioner in your area

Throughout her 20 year career in healing and 13 years in holistic Chinese medicine, Phiona has helped her patients overcome health and wellbeing issues in the following areas:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Auto immune conditions
  • Depression
  • Digestive health & parasites
  • Fatigue
  • Mental health
  • Men’s Health
  • Methylation disorders
  • Women’s health and Gynaecology
  • Difficult complex conditions
  • Expanding your Optimum Health.
  • Learning how to cook for you and your family with your specific health & genetics

We’re going to help you feel empowered

Prior to beginning work with Phiona, many patients report feeling helpless and confused about what physician to turn and have tried various treatments. Some feel like they have tried and must accept poor health or repeatedly attract damaging experiences and frustrating limits. You do not ever have to accept poor health or dwell in a negative mental and emotional space. When Phiona was a child, she was taught by the main medical system available, that she would have asthma, eczema and many allergies for her whole life, because her parents did. She was 22 when she first learnt this is not true. She was 26 when she had her last bout of eczema, heyfever and asthma. She is now in her 40’s and all that is way behind her. In order to get that far, not only did she have to learn how to resolve health issues with holistic and functional medicine, but also how to resolve her internal landscape from unresolved emotions and trauma, how to heal the heart. Phiona also had to learn how to undo the years of damage to her body from using steroid creams and steroid asthma sprays since she was a toddler.

When we truly heal, inside and out, we will no longer experience the same health issues, or dramas in life.

Western medicine’s cookie-cutter approach that fails to take into account the whole person and their unique needs can be alienating and ineffective, and at worst, can create a lot of other problems down the road. Phiona’s integrative holistic approach combines her unique experience melding Western Functional Medicine and Nutritional Genomics with Chinese Medicine and a shamanic, holistic inclusion of the mind, heart and soul.


Emotional trauma can contribute to physical illnesses. As part of your treatment, Phiona may offer a counseling style drawn from Shamanic Counseling & Chinese Medicine’s strong framework for mental and emotional health. This style of therapy is effective at transforming problems in the mind, emotions or traumatic memories on a level that creates change in the body, understanding self-sabotaging behavior and helping you overcome past traumas and reclaim your personal power and freedom. Phiona will support you as you grow in a direction that can restore your health.