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Meet Phiona Gitsham

Dr. Phiona Gitsham

Dr. Phiona Gitsham

Accredited practitioner of Nutrigenomics & Chinese Medicine

Beginning her formal training 23 years ago, Phiona has studied for 8 years at university gaining two degrees, graduating in 2006 with B.H.SC. Chinese Medicine and with a prior B.A in Drama, Dance and Music.

Since graduating from Chinese Medicine she has also become an accredited practitioner of Nutritional Genomics (nutrition for your genome). This field is a new and exciting area of specialized nutritional treatments for common genetic mutations that can negatively affect your health. One well known mutation that Phiona specializes in is MTHFR. If you have done your 23andme reports, or had genetic mutations diagnosed, and would like treatment combined with Chinese Medicine, Phiona can help you.

She is the first Chinese Medicine practitioner in Australia to become accredited in this field and is now available for consults in Evergreen, CO, USA, and online for patients anywhere in the world.

Prior to studying Chinese Medicine, she has also undertaken a 5 year shamanic healing apprenticeship focusing on shamanic counseling, Seichim Reiki (hands on healing) and shamanic journey meditations.

While Phiona is undertaking her local Acupuncture License in Colorado, Acupuncture is not available. We hope to bring Acupuncture back into the clinic by the end of 2018. While Phiona has the title of Dr of Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture in Australia, the title is different in Colorado and will be L.Ac.

During this time, Phiona is offering Health Coaching, Shamanic Counseling and Reiki for people in Colorado. Please inquire with your FREE 15 minute Introductory Consult about the services offered in your region.

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Phiona offers a free 15-minute consultation to help you better understand her approach and to see if it is a fit for you. The free consultation is a chance for you to discuss some of your key health goals and concerns. Phiona will describe her approach and how she would develop a customized program for you. Note that you will not receive any diagnosis or treatment as part of this short consultation.

Once you complete this consultation, you can schedule your first appointment if you would like to work with Phiona. There is no financial commitment required to receive this appointment.

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Phiona has a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. She is registered to practice Chinese Medicine with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association). In Australia, Dr. Phiona has the title Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Phiona is also accredited in Nutrigenomics & Methylation via the Seeking Health Educational Institute in Washington State, USA, and is listed in their practitioner directory.

She is will soon also be licensed in Acupuncture in Colorado USA, and is undertaking this process at this time, having just moved with her American partner to Evergreen, CO from Melbourne Australia.