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If your question has not yet been answered here, please send it to us. We will let you know when we have uploaded our response here. We love to hear your questions and have the opportunity to answer them, because we think we have some pretty interesting things to say about our creations. Thank you for being here.

What is this Science Violet Glass you package your products in?

We use Scientific Violet Glass for packaging our products loaded with nutritive, herbal and medicinal actives because violet glass is the optimal preservation method of potency and lifespan. Here’s what our suppliers have to say about violet glass and some interesting research they’ve done. Keep your jars and bottles once your Bio HerboloQi products are finished and use them for storing herbs or other goodies in your kitchen and home. The retail value is high at $13 for a one ounce jar. Keep them, Gift them.

“Sunlight enables all plants to grow. If they continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the effect of the light changes and accelerates the molecular decaying process. Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that only lets in the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of premium and sensitive substances. There is a large spectrum of packaging materials available nowadays, of which many are permeable to visible light. The following graphics show to which degree light can penetrate the different materials:
Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part.
At the same time it allows a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products.

In order to substantiate these advantages, Miron Violet Glass AG has conducted a series of tests themselves and in cooperation with scientific institutions.
Further confirmation of functionality comes from the science of biophotonics.”

(Quotes courtesy of miron-glas.com)

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What kind of tests have been done on Violet Glass?

This answer also comes from our wonderful Violet Glass producers, who have researched honey, herbs, fruit and water storage in violet glass. We store our medicinal raw organic honey in violet glass too.

“Over the last few years, several scientific tests have been carried out with almond oil, spirulina algae, rose water, drinking water, olive oil, cereals, honey, fruits and other substances to see what protective quality Miron violet glass offers. A few examples are listed below:

Since 2008, Miron violet glass AG together with several beekeepers from Germany have been undertaking different tests to analyze the quality of honey which has been preserved in violet glass. The main focus of attention was the analysis of the active ingredient that inhibits the growth of seeds, and the aroma in honey. A definite conclusion is that the honey stored in violet glass doesn’t break down its ingredients, but actually conserves the taste, smell, color, structure and enzymes considerably better than in any other receptacles known or used until now.”

They also tested a cherry tomato and some chives. You can see the difference.

This is a 2 month duration test with Chives in Violet Glass (left), Brown apothecary glass (center), and clear glass (right). Each glass was put in sunlight for a few hours on some days and otherwise kept inside. There was also a smell test, and you guessed it, the chives that were still green in the violet glass smelled fresh. In herbal medicine, the smell test is one of the oldest natural methods for detecting active potency. See the curious case of the anti-ageing cherry tomato:

These cherry tomatoes were stored in clear glass (left) and violet glass (right) for 7 months. They were kept at room temperature where sunlight could reach them. After 7 months, the cherry tomato stored in violet glass showed no signs of decay or spoiling.

Violet Glass really excites us here at Bio HerboloQi and we are so happy that you get to keep, use or gift these violet glass jars when your product runs out.

(Images and info courtesy of miron-glas.com)

I'm a practitioner with a wholesale account. How can I order bulk quantities for deeper discounts?

As a practitioner you will be getting a wholesale rate at checkout and please enter your coupon if ordering 1-9 units of any product. If you would like to order 10+ units or in bulk for the next tiered discount, please contact us to let us know what you would like. Depending on what you order and how much, we can offer you a deeper discount than the standard wholesale rate.

As we are new, we will need lead time on bulk orders and will figure that out with you when you order. Thanks for wanting more. We aim to grow accordingly. Please email:

hello at bioherboloqi dot com.

Your products contain organic ingredients and pesticide free ingredients, what is the difference?

We aim to use ingredients that have been produced with sustainable and organic farming methods. We are always looking for the most non-toxic, pesticide free and medicinally potent ingredients. We care about how the ingredient effects your health not only directly but also epigenetically and we care about how various farming methods are impacting our environment and soil sustainability. Your health and future is deeply connected to both.

Depending on where ingredients are produced, the “certified organic” status can mean different things. We select products that are either certified organic in a country with high organic standards, or a product that has been produced organically while it may not be certified. We also select products that have been tested for pesticide residues and often these products are of a much higher standard than ‘certified organic’. Overall, we are selecting the most pure, non-toxic ingredient that we can find.

Some ingredients aren’t available as ‘organic’ so we select the best source according to the criteria above. We ask our suppliers a lot of questions and request reports.

Some ingredients are not biological, or ‘farmed’ but made in a lab, like some of our aminos and vitamins. These wont be listed as ‘organic’, just as ingredients.

If Dewy Fruit is chocolate, why shouldn't I eat them?

Dewy Fruit is not an edible.

They are not designed as an edible chocolate substance. They are not flavored for the tongue, nor sweetened as that would not be appropriate for the vaginal pH or biome, so you will find that they taste quite bitter. They also contain a small amount of a herbal oil that is not suitable for eating beyond a small amount. It is non toxic to eat 1 -2 pieces however you wont get the desired effects, nor like the taste.

Do not eat Dewy Fruit.

We will work on something chocolate based that is edible for you if you really want. Let us know!

In the meantime, if you just can’t handle the chocolatey aromatic goodness of Dewy Fruit without eating chocolate, please buy edible chocolate to eat simultaneously with your Dewy Fruit experience.

RETURNS POLICY: Can I get a refund if I change my mind? What if my product arrives damaged?

Here is our refund policy. PLEASE NOTE Due to covid-19 risks we cannot currently accept any returns of opened products. All sales are final.
In the case of goods arriving damaged, or missing during shipment please refer to our refunds and returns policy continued here.
We offer samples on all of our products. We recommend you try a sample size before a full size product if you are unsure.

Here’s how our refunds or store credit works:

CHANGED MIND BEFORE SHIPPING = Store credit or refund.

If we haven’t yet shipped to you, but you’ve changed your mind, email us and we will cancel your order and issue you store credit to the same value instead, or a refund. To qualify for a refund you must cancel your order before we begin packaging it. In many cases we begin packaging your order within 1-3 days of it being placed. hello at bioherboloqi dot com


If we have shipped to you and your products arrive damaged or unusable for any reason, we would like to replace them for you, but will need the correct information on email first. Please email us immediately with information and photos of the damage or issue. We must receive photos of any damaged products. When we have reviewed the case, we will let you know the outcome. Do not open or use the product if you detect an issue or would like to request a replacement. Photograph it immediately and include it with what you know about the issue in an email to hello@bioherboloqi.com

If your package has gone missing during shipment, and the tracking is not marked as “delivered” please contact us to file a claim and review a replacement of your order.

CHANGED MIND AFTER SHIPPING = No refunds. Do not return opened items due to the current pandemic.

If we have shipped your order to you and you have simply changed your mind, we are sorry but we cannot accept returns or refunds on personal use body care or health care products. This policy is especially enforced during the current pandemic. They will make a great gift, including the value of the violet glass.

Please try our samples first if you aren’t sure about purchasing any product. 

Is there any Free Shipping?

YES! For all orders over $500USD within the contiguous USA, shipping is FREE.

When ordering to a shipping address within contiguous USA your shipping costs will max out and become free before it reaches about $30.

As we grow we aim to lower the free shipping threshold.

We are not able to provide free shipping for international orders at this time.