We offer PRACTITIONER WHOLESALE accounts for licensed practitioners and STUDENT practitioners to resell our products in your clinics or stores. We also accept bulk orders for DISTRIBUTORS. If your state licensing body does not allow you to send a photo of your license, or if your modality is not licensed, please fill out the other sections, including your full address, STATE and ZIP, then submit without the license photo. We can still verify you. If you are student of Chinese medicine, please apply by listing the NAME OF COLLEGE /UNIVERSITY instead of your clinic name. No need to add a license pic. Student accounts are eligible for a half wholesale discount rate. When you graduate and get licensed, email us and we will upgrade your account to a full practitioner wholesale rate.

Please ensure you enter ALL INFORMATION as requested above or it can delay setting up your account until we receive your details in full. Make sure you include your FULL address, STATE, COUNTRY and ZIP.

If you have trouble uploading your license pic, please email the same information as requested here to hello@bioherboloqi dot com.

Thankyou for signing up for wholesale!